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Knowledge, quality, innovation


Catering and industrial breweries

Traditional technologies in cutting-edge machinery

Agrometal-Food-Tech Ltd is an experienced manufacturer of not only machinery to produce classical bottom and top-fermenting Pilzen and Bavarian type of ale and dark beers but also the equipment in our product range offers the production of the full scale of well-known beer types. Our machinery harmoniously combine the traditional and modern brewing technologies with the strictest hygiene requirements and it is supported by using the most modern materials.
Our company has developed a manufacturing program for small and medium-sized breweries and craft brewing with innovative dry hopping unit where the focus is on producing excellent quality beer that meets the local demand. Our complex plants are designed and produced using the most modern and efficient brewing technologies available.
Quality raw materials to enjoy your beer
What is the production of beers with excellent taste and high level of enjoyment based on? It is based on high-quality, natural ingredients and high-quality industrial breweries.
All these are ensured within the technological system of our company in case of catering and industrial breweries manufactured by Agrometal-Food-Tech Ltd.
Main components of turnkey breweries:
  • open brewhouse
  • fermentation equipment
  • cooling system
Main components of industrial brewery plants
  • malt mill
  • brewhouse
  • fermentation equipment
  • yeast treatment
  • cooling system

Industrial breweries

Machinery produced by Agrometal-Food-Tech Ltd has a long lifespan, they are compact and do not pollute the environment.
The equipment is produced from good quality, mirrored-surface stainless steel. In case of a special order we can produce the equipment with copper cladding.
Our company is ISO 9001 and GOST-R certified.

Mini breweries

Always fresh beer.
Wide range of products.
Aesthetic design.
It is spectacular and great fun to take part in the brewing technology operating in a mini brewery of a restaurant or pub.