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Milking machines, refrigerators, yeast plants (Other machinery)

Peripheral but essential technologies in the complete milk and brewing equipment are milking and cooling technology which is actually fundamental lines of Agrometal-Food-Tech Ltd.
Specially constructed refrigerating aggregators and ice batteries are the basic equipment of economical cold energy production and storage.
Plate and tube heat exchangers meet the requirements of a wide variety of technologies of heating and cooling.
Pasteurizers are used in the milk, wine, beer and soft drink industries.
With the help of our milking machinery an optional number of cows, goat or sheep headstock can be milked at the most advanced technological level.
Essential elements of the confectionery industry are chocolate melting tanks, chocolate coating machinery and cooling tunnels.


Our complete bacteria producing equipment providing the production of manures oil bacteria as well as oil-eating bacteria can ensure the cutting-edge technologies in the field of crop production and environmental protection.
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Refrigeration Technology Equipment
Especially reliable, in fully automated mode it provides the cooling energy required for technological equipment.

Milking machinery

Our complete milking machinery developed for farming make the up-to-date and animal-friendly milking of cows and goats as well as sheep possible.

Chocolate coating machinery

Production line for dipping desserts with a cooling tunnel and melting tanks.

Filling and packaging machine for one scoop of ice-cream

Jónás Tamás, MagicIce Ltd. "We are proud of the production line, because we have developed it. Colleagues of Budapest Agrometal-Food-Tech Ltd. spared no time or effort in helping creating the special packaging-filling machine. This product can open up new horizons in the sales of ice-cream as those catering outlets and restaurants will be able to store ice cream frozen for six months which have not dealt with this before.” The full article can be read here.