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Knowledge, quality, innovation


Dairies in small and large scale

Milk products processed in a modern way- dairy farms working effectively

Milk has been one of our most basic nutrients in nearly every form since the beginning of human history. Due to the available technologies nowadays countless different types of desserts can be made from the liquid milk served as a drink, all of these have their own character and different pleasures. This selection can form as a foundation of the successful operation and profit of a dairy – the high added value of the processed dairy produces can be more and more acknowledged on the markets.

25 years of experience has been built in to our equipment

AGROMETAL has been an expert in the field of milk and milk processing. It has been a Europe-wide known and respected producer of complete small and medium-sized dairies and dairy processing lines in which we have in corporated more decades of experience. We have put innovative, flexible solutions in focus so as to offer profitability in case of dairies.
Our state-of-the-art equipment is capable of providing anything you need: from taking over milk and storing it to turn it into food to proceesing it as a kind of modern nutrient. With the help of our machinery classic, widely and daily consumed products can be produced such as drinking milk, sour cream,  yoghurt, various cheeses, cottage cheeses as well as those products which are more and more widespread and which require higher technological levels, for example cottage cheese desserts, curd drink, ricotta, etc.

Turnkey projects with training and recipes

Our equipment combines the age-old traditions of milk processing with the most modern, long-term reliable technical solutions and hygiene requirements of the 21st century. We have been producing small capacity machinery that can be operated in austere environments – these are characterized by simple operation. Our high performance plants are well-known for high-level of automation and low operating costs.
We offer a full range of services to our customers: not only turn key plants and complete technological production lines but we train the operating personnel at a very high level and also-with   the machinery-  we hand over the different and tested recipes of special dairy produces and we are ready to be involved in even the full marketing procedures as a partner, even up to the brand management level.
  • The main phases of our services:
  • Design
  • Production
  • Transport
  • Mounting
  • Operation
  • Training
  • Transfer of technologies

Modular, containerized design

As a result of our decades-long experiences in designing and producing dairy processing plants and installing production lines using complex, modern technologies we always customize our products to meet our partners’ needs to make the decision-making and start-up easier. Our small-scale processing plants can be expanded step-by-step in a modular way, what’s more in order to have a simpler way of installation these can be produced in a containerized design.

Recognition and Classification

  • Our autonomous cooling technological equipment allows us to provide the total energy demand for cooling in fully automatic mode of the dairy facilities manufactured and installed by Agro Metal
  • Our milking equipment provides the capacity to milk an optional number of cow, goat or sheep at the level of the most advanced technological and hygiene standards.