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Other equipment

The team of experts of Agrometal-Food-Tech Ltd., the production base as well as the wide range experience of gained in 25 years in manufacturing lay down the foundations of constructing individually designed  equipment at our company. We design and manufacture such equipment for both the food industry and agriculture as well as for other fields of processing industry based on specific and individual demands.
Our state-of-the-art cooling technology equipment as well as our high efficiency and capacity ice-battery refrigerators provide technological cold energy for various fields of food and chemical industry.
With the help of our complex milking machines developed for farms,  our customers can milk their cow, goat and sheep stock in an up-to-date and animal friendly way.
The manufacturing of bacteria and yeast fermenting equipment is of extreme importance, but in our portfolio we have several installations for different and individual purposes: chocolate dipping line, pancake producing line, plate and tube heat exchangers, pasteurizing equipment, etc. – also keeping the individual demands in mind.
In certain cases subsidies can be applied for when  buying a number of machines manufactured by Agrometal-Food-Tech Ltd. The subsidies are aimed at increasing the total output and competitiveness of agricultural plants and food industry ventures by improving the processing and sales of agricultural products, or by introducing new products, processes and technologies to further improve the food safety and hygienic conditions and to reduce the  burdens on the environment.
You can apply  for subsidies when purchasing certain of our machines as listed in the Machine Catalogue for Food Industry  on the website of the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency ( separately indicated in a separate document that can be downloaded from our website).
You can find more details on the website of the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency as well as and at our contact addresses.